Meet the Board

Hello and welcome! We would like to officially introduce ourselves and share with you our values and why each Board member is so important in making I Am Ministry what it is. Here at I Am Ministry we believe 

we are called to be in relationship with God and each other, working in partnership to further His kingdom.

We must be grounded in the truth of God’s word, and unrestricted by physical walls or denominational dogma. 

Our core values therefore are to be relational, grounded in scripture, and, of course, without walls.


Margriet Stoffman

Co-founder and President

Margriet is a born again Christian, wife of Jayson, and mother of three very energetic children, Emily, Sara and Alexander. They live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Margriet grew up in England, but met Jayson while doing a medical elective in Winnipeg in 2002. They married in England in 2005 and Margriet moved to Canada shortly after. 

After a hard journey in medical school ended, Margriet surrendered her life to God. With God's help and direction, Margriet went onto a new venture and chose counselling. She graduated in 2010 with a Master's of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University.

Margriet loves to help people the way God helped her. She facilitates clients to discover their purpose in life and to follow God's plan. Jayson and Margriet have a similar vision with I AM Ministry to empower and encourage fellow Christians with God's word and truth.

Jayson Stoffman

Co-founder and Vice President

Jayson grew up in Calgary, and moved to Kingston, Ontario for his medical training. He came to Winnipeg to become a specialist in Pediatric Oncology, which is where and how he met Margriet.

Jayson grew up in a Jewish home, knowing about God and trying to show his belief through the traditional rites and rituals. After meeting Margriet, he began to learn more about God and Jesus, but resisted making that commitment. Finally, six days before their wedding, Jayson came to faith in Christ.

Jayson remains grateful to God for the opportunity and ability to help in His healing work. As a Jewish follower of Christ, he enjoys learning and sharing about this unique heritage and perspective. He is always excited and humbled by the opportunity to work and share with other Christians through I AM Ministry.


Shane Connell

Board Member

Shane began his journey with Jesus Christ when he was a teenager. Growing up in a poor family, he remembers how at the hardest times they always seemed to have what they needed. Often it was the kindness of others that helped him through. He made a pledge that he would help others anytime he could to pay back the kindness that was shown to his family.

At first, his desire to help ended up being for his own recognition and not for God's. This led to him causing harm to many friends and devastated his life. It was at this time God showed Shane His love and grace. God miraculously led him to strong mentors in his life who invested in him and helped him understand the truth of Jesus and how to serve Him. On this journey he met Jayson and Margriet while assisting in a north Winnipeg church. A friendship grew from a common belief in the truth of Jesus as our Saviour. Shane looks forward to what the future holds for I AM Ministry as God uses the team's collective gifts to spread His message. 

Rob Mckelvey

Board Member

Rob is married to Jean for 57 years and they have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Rob has a Bachelor's in Bible and Pastoral Studies from North Central Bible College. He severed as a licensed Pastor for several years with the PAOC. He later went on to work in financial services, mainly in sales management. This is how he met Jayson.

He is a long time Board member at Calvary Temple Church and teaches several bible studies in the church. Rob has a keen interest in Israel and God's people and has attended our yearly messianic seders for 4 years. Rob is a good friend and has great wisdom and knowledge. He is an asset to our team. 


Chantel Blunderfield

Board member

Chantel grew up in Winnipeg. At the age of 11 her parents separated which caused a lot of hurt but also compelled her to search for answers and ultimately God. Through Godly connections she was brought to church, which helped her process some of her childhood hurts. This is where she became part of Jayson and Margriet's small group. 

Chantel has a servant heart and at the age of 19 she went on her first missions trip to Africa. She felt very at home there and would love to return some day. 

With a heart to serve Chantel completed a diploma in addictions counselling and now works at St. Amant. She also volunteers every week at Siloam Mission. She is eager to discover what God has for her.  


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